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(began 9/10/2000)
Past Updates
Past Updates on the site

Staff Help

I'm looking for somewhat of a staff for this site. I need some help to.. "liven" it up. I could use someone to help advertise the site, get people to use the Message Board. I'm also looking for someone who could help out with the Upcoming Horror Movies section as well as anyone who can contribute Horror Movie and Horror Video Game News. You could do anything. I would add you to the Staff section and all that good stuff. If you feel you could help with ANY of this, please e-mail me at . That is all.

8/15/01 Dawn Of The Dead Remake
It seems as if a remake of the classic (probably my favorite movie, go here to see my devotion) horror movie, Dawn of the Dead is going to be remade. Night's remake was actually enjoyable in my eyes. The 30th Anniversary DVD was a bit dumb, the new scenes with the preacher were stupid, but the added gore was a plus, but now they speak of redoing Dawn of the Dead. Well, unless Savini himself is in it, and of course you can't forget Ken Foree, hey, wasn't he the dad on Keenan and Kel? You know, the show on Nickelodeon.. I mean, I've never heard of that show... Nickelodeon? Anywho, if you'd like to read more on the project, you can visit this link. I wouldn't recommend visitng it, all he does is bitch...

07/31/01 Dawn of the Dead - The Role Playing Game
My reviews are being put on hold for now. I'm still going to write up the new movies I see and post them but the older titles I've seen are going to wait. I've been spending a lot of my time this past week on an RPG game I am making called Dawn of the Dead - The Role Playing Game. Click the link to read more on it.

11/19/00 Resident Evil 4D-Executor Poster
A poster was put up for the CGI movie entitled 'Resident Evil 4D-Executer'. The poster is below, click the image for a larger view. Also a bunch of pictures for the CGI movie are in the Past Updates section.

11/09/00 Silent Hill 2 Interview
Added an exclusive interview with three top members of the Silent Hill 2 team conducted by PSM (Playstation Magazine). To read the interview go here.

07/06/01 Resident Evil Interactive Fan-Fiction
I've added a new section to the website where anyone can write a story (be it short or long) based in a town I've created, complete with a JPEG Map, Plot, etc.. overridden by zombies and other deadly creatures. There are already five pieces posted so feel free to go to the Resident Evil Fan-Fiction section and read some of the stories already there and feel free to write your own! Everything you need to know to start writing your own story can be found in the link so, happy writing!

07/06/01 Poll Results
The Poll Results are posted below for my last question. I left it up for some time, but here are the results. Also if you haven't already, go vote on the new question on the left corner of the screen under all the links.

Which movie series would you most like to see added to the Horror Movies Section?

Hellraiser (61) 17%
Friday the 13th (75) 21%
Nightmare on Elm Street (47) 13%
Evil Dead (49) 14%
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (46) 13%
Phantasm (21) 6%
Other (44) 12%
Total Votes: 343

07/05/01 Romero's RE Script
I was browsing Resident Evil A New Blood when I came across the link leading to George A. (Night of the Living, Dawn and Day of the Dead) Romero's script he wrote for the Resident Evil movie. His script was rejected because of various reasons, one of which being it had too many zombies in it. Seriously. I'm currently on page 60 of 95 and I think it's great (greater than Paul Anderson's, who is doing the movie now). Follow this link and choose which version you'd like to read, either the Internet Explorer version or Netscape version. A message may pop up asking you to close a window on your computer, click No and a little message will appear, after reading it and scrolling down to the bottom you can bookmark and read George Romero's rejected script for the Resident Evil movie! Expect more updates later in the day.

03/06/01 Tortured Souls Toys
Todd McFarline is making a line of toys based on the Clive Barker movie Tortured Souls. Here are six pictures below. I'll get larger images when I get the link from my brother. For now, enjoy.

Resident Evil: Nemesis Novel

The Resident Evil: Nemesis novel written by S.D. Perry came out yesterday. I'm picking up my copy tomorrow after school. Go to your local book store (should be one in the mall) or order it off Amazon. Below is the cover to the book, click it to enlarge the picture.

Biohazard 4D-Executor

Thanks to I found a website with information on an upcoming Biohazard game called Biohazard 4D-Executor. It is believed to be a sort of CGI movie, like the upcoming Final Fantasy movie. Below are eight thumbnailed images, click them for a larger view.

Silent Hill 2 Footage

Follow this link to see the 4-part Silent Hill 2 trailer as well as some pictures from the game. Below are three pictures.